Two View Acres is the name we’ve given our homestead, a place where we plan to retire and enjoy living off what the land can provide us. The home that we’re building will provide us with a means to live comfortably by using the sun for our heat and electricity. The land will provide us with building materials in the form of straw for insulation and clay for our plasters and floors. Modern features will include a high tech water heater and solar panels while low tech features include a masonry heater and passive solar design.IMG_0337

Our homestead also includes a barn and two cleared acres for us to grow fruits and vegetables while still providing room for raising chickens for eggs and meat. We have a tractor to help get the heavy work done and a workshop for fixing and building things around the homestead.

This all started years ago with a dream and began coming to life in 2010 when we found and acquired a two acre lot though an auction. This blog chronicles our experiences building and developing our homestead and is posted for you to follow along, ask question and to even participate in our adventures.